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Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus No.19

I saw one of his installations in Fort Worth a few years ago. So beautiful

that must be a pain in the ass to clean though

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This is Alana Thompson aka Honey Boo Boo (Child).

She received $1700 dollars in donations from fans all around the world. Instead of keeping it for herself, using it for pageants, or for something else, she purchased toys for needy children in her area.

Her family gives to the needy AND supports equality for gays? Fuck you to whoever disses her. She’s 7 and shows more compassion than most people three times her age.

She’s my queen.

That is totally for publicity!

oh my god you’re right

let’s ignore this canned food drive they held too

oh right and this? $1300 in cash donated by fans to buy just THIS image of all these toys?

and oh shi-

this extreme amount of TOYS AND FOOD donated in a SINGLE night via their Christmas meet and greets with Santa (which Sugarbear dresses as Santa in the sweltering Georgia winter heat for hours at a time)

is all


and the fact that they take pictures of themselves with the *ALL* letters and trinkets their fans send them?

oh gosh, yes, this is totally publicity

Seriously, no one has any reason to talk crap on this family. They have never done a single thing wrong and look at all of the good they do for their community.

People hate them because they are Southern, overweight, and successful while still managing to be wonderful people.

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I think this will be my favorite part of the choreo

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Pocket Printer by Zuta Labs

Not only a portable design, but able to print on any size page.

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George Takei,

You rule. 

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When I see 12 year olds with nicer stuff than me



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